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NOLA pics

I was inspired by piano_fire_ to post my CB pics here. These were taken at the acoustic show in the Virgin Megastore in New Orleans, Louisiana, July 10th 2004:

Those are just a taste. I obviously cropped Jim out for the sake of posting pics that capture Johnette's goddesslyness without freezing your computer up LOL. If you're interested in the REAL goods, I have the full-sized versions on my old server. [ew I sound like a spammer] CLICK HERE!
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Oh my god. Acoustic show!!! that must have been awesome! Those are some great pictures. Thanks for sharing them :)
You bet your ass it was awesome! If I had to recommend one thing to all CB fans, it would be to attend an acoustic show because they're even MORE amazing. Ugh, I was in heaven. I love her damn voice. It literally almost knocked me over that day.

I went to the House of Blues concert that same night but I used a disposable camera and the pics didn't turn out. :-( That was an awesome show too, except for the fact that it was cut short because she threw a super violent tantrum (a la Courtney Love) onstage at the "end".

OH! And I have pics from my first show last year located HERE, but they're nowhere near as good as my NOLA's. I was also so enthralled by her that I forgot to get the rest of the band, heh. :-[
Wow.. a WATER BOTTLE DRUM. That's awesome. Alot. A

(but jeeze, that outfit... I'm totally not usually like this, but I would'a swooned)

I adore your icons, BTW.
THANKS! And yeah, it was hard restraining myself when she walked out in that skirt. Goddamn.

Gabe was totally rockin' out on that water jug heehee
Wow...thanks so much for sharing those. I'm gonna go sit in the corner and drool now *sigh*.

That's what i'm doing now too! ;)

Well imagine how I felt standing right there in front of that! Hooo... *fans herself*
What song(s) was she doing during that pic?

The last show i saw (new year's eve), she wore a long skirt and tank top. The skirt stayed on by sheer willpower, riding her hipbones. Drove me nuts, i tell ya:) I got to see a bit of her tattoos on her back.
Which pic?
The pics from the Virgin Store acoustic concert. There are prolly several songs involved, but i was just curious to see if you remembered any of the details.
Oh lord...not really. Maybe someone else in this group can recall. I know littleweirdgirl was there with me. =D I think I can try on a couple, but only the ones I posted in this entry. I can't speak for the entire gallery because my mind has been sucked. out. LOL

Um, I believe the second one (Virgin20.jpg) was during "Mexican Moon", judging by her Flamenco gestures. She was really trying to bust out some of those moves during MM, it was adorable. And funny because sitting in the chair kind of...impaired her. LOL

Looks like the third one (Virgin25.jpg) was inbetween songs. I believe this might've been when they were attempting to take MY request to play 'Your Llorona', except they couldn't figure out the chords to begin it. So she told us all about The Legend of La Llorona (old Mexican myth, I believe) to make up for it. And I think she was asking for Gabe's input or something. BAH! I don't remember. *sobs* I'm always amazed at how much shit fans recall from all the gigs they attend and I simply can NOT do that. I'm too wrapped up in the moment to think to make a note of detail.

...Oh, looks like the bottom one (Virgin32.jpg) might be from Everybody Knows.
ALSO - here's the setlist. My second time posting it because LJ is queer:

1. Castles Made of Sand [I love their Hendix covers, esp. this one!)
2. Ghost Riders In the Sky
3. Mexican Moon
4. Carry Me Away [fucking incredible]
5. Everybody Knows ["thanks to Michael Moore"]
6. Someday
7. (You're the Only One Can) Make Me Cry
8. failed attemp at Your Llorona *lol* ["You, too, will be as old as we are some day. Don't come cryin' to me when you can't remember what your keys are!!"]
9. Caroline

That's it. Longer setlist at the actual concert later that night, including HEAL IT UP. *swoon*
Yeah, Heal it Up is a powerful song on its own, but incredible done live! She did that one at a couple of shows i have seen, the best was New Year's Eve.

Thanks for the details!
wow...... just .... wow.
thats hot.
ps, thanks for sharing those.