XOXO, Manda (so_pseudogoth) wrote in concreteblond,
XOXO, Manda

Anyone from my area going?

I am so desperate right now.

I am on a quest to find someone who drives and someone who will let me give them money for gas (I'll ridiculously overcompensate, I'm not a stingy gas-money-person) who would be willing to drive me to Richmond to see this show. I saw CB in March of 2003 in Dallas and fucking cried my eyes out. I have been so much in love with this band since I was 13, and now they are playing close to where I live and I have no idea how I could swing it so that I could see them. They very rarely tour on the East coast at all, as they are Hollywood-based and most of their shows are in California, New Mexico, or down in South America. So if anyone knows how I could swing this, or knows of someone who might be interested in this gig, PLEASE let me know... I would be so ridiculously grateful and will pay them generously for the ride. Here's the info...

Saturday, October 16
Concrete Blonde
Canal Club
Richmond, VA
Doors open at 8:30
$18.00 advance, $20.00 door

As a side note, if anyone is actually interested in seeing the band and would want to go anyway whether or not I was going, I will buy your ticket if you will give me a ride to the venue.
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