LittleWeirdGirl (littleweirdgirl) wrote in concreteblond,

Johnette's artwork for sale!

Hey guys. You may have read on the CB official site (and anywhere else I've spammed about this) that Johnette participates in The Rawk Show. Their website appears to be down right now, but I've bought
stuff from them before and can guarantee that it's legit. Portions of their sales go to a charity.

Anyway, Johnette has two pieces left - I already bought one but I can't justify the expense right now
to buy all three. I'd hate to see her work go to someone who doesn't appreciate it as hers.

Anyone interested? There are two smaller pieces that are similar to those used on the Sketchbook album
insert. Mixed in with the ink is Johnette's own blood. Read her diary on the official site for the story of how this happened.

They are going for $300 a piece plus shipping, which will range from $20 to $30 in the U.S.

If you are interested email Nathan James at tinderbox13 @ Please tell him I sent ya.

The show ends this Friday!

Hope someone here is interested!

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