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video mania

X-posted from my own journal:

Many of you here on my flist may find yourself asking "Just who IS this Johnette person that Kryssi is always raving about??" And if you're special, you may've had the privilege of my sending you Concrete Blonde mp3's for you to get just a taste. But now that I have the technology, I have uploaded some of my favorite Concrete Blonde videos to Putfile for you to stream. Beware: Johnette will steal your heart if she hasn't already.

[Heal It Up] - This is by far Johnette at her hottest, as far as pre-breakup Concrete Blonde goes. Video is rather lame, but who freakin' cares?! LOOK AT HER.

[Walking In London] - The mood and visuals of this video are the epitome of Gothic. And yes, that is indeed Johnette writhing around down on the ground occasionally...covered only in body paint.

[Jonestown] - Holy hell, this video is creepy. (song lyrics = brilliant) There's something unsettling about the effects that go in on the chorus. You'll see. But mmm, Johnette in a slip! She's so hardcore. Anyone who compares her to Chrissie Hynde doesn't deserve to breathe.

[Bloodletting] - Ahhh Johnette playing dress-up, vampire-style.

[Dance Along the Edge] - I love the song. Love the video. Don't care what anyone says. Johnette twirling around in a shredded bridal gown = hot.

[Still In Hollywood] - Cutest. video. EVER. I love me some Mankey and Harry.

[Happy Birthday] - This one is just plain fun. Plus she reminds me of Janeane Garofalo in this for some reason. Not sure how I feel about the cat-tossing, though. =\

[Jenny I Read] - Live acoustic performance back on MTV's 120 Minutes. Just felt the need to include it. She's very, uh, expressive.
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